Removing watermark

Post here for any questions and feedback on Sweetviz! Thank you for contributing!


Hi Good Day.
A fantastic way and a very easy way to explore the data.
This really helps to reduce the time for EDA.

Is there an option to remove the Sweetviz watermark when we generate the HTML report as then it would be possible to use business purposes.

Look forward to the reply.

Hi! I’m really glad you are finding Sweetviz useful! I will definitely add this option shortly!

Thank you for the feedback!


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Hi! The capability to remove the logo was just added!

Check out the “show_logo” instructions in the new readme and let me know If it works!

Thank you,


Actually, the change has only been published in the source, not PyPI install; this will be done later today. I will let you know!

The update was pushed, let me know if this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton. I am checking it now and shall let you know. Thanks again.

I checked the .ini file and made changes as recommended:
show_logo = 0
;230px->48 = 4.8
;37px->6 = 6.2
;216px->44 = 4.9
;Caps = 10

but still the logo appears . Am i missing something.

Ok! This is why it’s still in alpha test phase! :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you have updated and it is showing 1.0alpha7 as the version near the logo?

You may also want to try using an override INI file so you don’t need to go inside the package. Just specify it before generating the report using:“Override.ini”)

But I’m guessing you already did that. Let me know if this is still happening and if you have the right version.



I have updated the package but it shows the logo.

I also tried to supress“Override.ini”) but it doesnt help.

Hi! Ok you have the correct version. The override.ini should really work. You can verify if it is working correctly by checking that the return value is not empty. I would also say that you need to call the override before generating the analysis. So the following SHOULD work:

show_logo = 1

overriden =“Override.ini”)
print(overriden) # Should not be empty
[…do your analysis and report here…]

Thanks for bearing with me, this should really work! :open_mouth:


Also, have you tried uninstalling the package and reinstalling? It looks like in some cases simply upgrading in-place doesn’t work. Let me know, thank you!